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There’s so much about Fully Clothed Sex that’s wonderful that it can be hard to put it all into words. First off, the girls are stunningly gorgeous European sluts that seem to be elegant without any effort. The camera comes up on them and they’re just exuding it. Second, just about every scene is a threesome with two gorgeous girls and one well hung dude doing some fucking. That means you get blowjobs, lesbian pussy eating and all the hardcore screwing you can handle. The key to the site is the outfits the girls wear and of course the fact that they don’t take them off. It’s all about elegance and the girls all look like they’re wealthy and like to show it off in their clothing. Satin and silk play a big part in almost all of the clothing so the site is a dream come true for a satin fetishist. They also occasionally have leather and latex but it really is like a haven of girls dressed in business style outfits. It’s like the hottest corporate chicks ever are horny for hard cock with a side of babes that just got home from super sexy cocktail parties.

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