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Facesitting Fans is for the guys that aren’t really into the submissive part of facesitting. You might like the idea of a girl lowering her pussy or asshole onto your mouth but you don’t really want her smacking you around while she does it or completely restricting your breath. Instead you just want her in control of the licking and where you lick. You also want to see some hardcore sex and there’s plenty of that here since after the guy gets done using his tongue the gal is horny for deep penetration. Facesitting Fans could accurately be called a facesitting hardcore site. The girl dropping her pussy or ass onto a guy’s mouth is just the beginning of the action. It’s like foreplay but in a very dirty, fetishistic kind of way. It gets her pussy wet and sexy and then she needs a dick in there to make her cum. The guy gets to cum too and hopefully you’ll follow along with them. The videos are all downloadable and the collection is exceptionally large so you can get started right now with your facesitting porn experience.

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Facesitting Fans movies
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