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At Club Felicia they have a real knack for finding exceptionally beautiful girls and getting them to get wild together. They put them in something sexy and tell them to get mad and get violent. The fights are real – these girls aren’t messing around – and someone usually ends up with a few marks on her body after it’s all over. The babes start out like centerfolds in sexy outfits but they end up looking worn out and a little bit beaten. It’s sexy as hell though, as you know. Catfighting is a time honored tradition among women and they have perfectly adapted it for adult audiences here at Club Felicia. In every fighting movie the girls end up naked or partially naked. They get their clothes off in a way that seems entirely organic and there’s almost always some tit punishment, be it pulling or slapping. The hair pulling is probably the best part. When you see them yank so hard on the hair that the girl’s head is jerking around it’s just irresistibly sexy and arousing. There’s often facesitting thrown in too.

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